Travel back in time with this retro-inspired pixel adventure

The 80s was an iconic time in human history bringing us mullets, mixtapes and Mario bros. Well, this retro-inspired homage to the 80s, that was recently funded on Kickstarter, may give you a chance to relive those glory days. 

Narita Boy is a retrofuturist hack-n-slash pixel game in which you play a legendary digital hero on an epic quest through simultaneous dimensions. After the Digital Kingdom comes under attack you must embark on a journey to retrieve the Techno Sword and defeat the evil Stallions in a story that transcends its own reality. 

Narita Boy 1
Only you can save the Digital Kingdom

Developer, Studio Koba is an independent game studio founded in 2016 by Eduardo Fornieles, a man with a passion for the 80s, as you might be able to tell. Studio Koba hopes to create unique and strange experiences that blend retro and modern video game styles into one. Their first project Narita Boy hopes to tell a deep and meaningful story in what is described as a mix between Ready Player One, Another World and He-Man.

As Narita Boy, you will hack-n-slash your way through this classic 2D scroller aided by your trusty companion, Techno Sword. Forged from the rays of The Trichroma, the vital essence of the Digital World, you’ll use your legendary sword to battle your sworn enemies, The Stallions. 

Featuring dimension jump mechanics, RPG elements and a host of amazing worlds to explore in all their pixelated glory, Narita Boy will take you from the streets of the 80s to the weird futuristic landscapes of another world.

Narita Boy 2
 Narita Boy surfing on a floppy disk

Narita Boy gives you the opportunity to travel through dimensions in style, like by riding on a servo horse or surfing on a floppy disk. Should you get bored of all that though you could always insert magical floppy disks and invoke legendary mechas to destroy your enemies, you know, as you do. All this destruction only gets better when you take into account the rip-roaring, 80s inspired synthesised soundtrack by Studio Koba team member,  Salvador Fornieles. 

If you’re feeling nostalgic at the idea of Narita Boy then check out the trailer below. If you’re looking for a bit more information on the game then why not go take a look at Studio Koba’s website


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